About Joan

Joan Lunney of Divine Gemstone Therapy

I am a Colorado native, in love with the Rocky Mountains.  Being in Nature every day is so satisfying to my soul,  Add gemstone necklaces and I become clear and nourished at so many levels.  The gemstone necklaces are alive with energy and are not only beautiful but are working with my whole being, my body, mind, and spirit!

A Theologist at heart, I believe asking ourselves these fundamental questions is invaluable.  What is our purpose?  What do we value and how do we express those values in our decisions.  How do our decisions help us achieve our purpose?  My gifts as well as my business has been to help others see more clearly.

I discovered Gemstone and Diamond therapy from an incredibly gifted and talented teacher and Mentor, Linda Lile. I have studied and trained with the top diamond and gemstone Master Practitioners in the world. I have a Gemstone Therapy Practitioner certification as well as an assistant Diamond Therapy Practitioner Certificate. I am the only Diamond Practitioner who has three years personal mentoring with Linda Lile, a world-renowned Gemstone and Diamond Practitioner. This has given me the deep inner knowledge of the Diamond that has come from hands-on experience with one of the best in the field. I can’t wait to share my Advanced skills and ability with everyone who is interested and curious about Therapeutic 7 Color Ray Diamonds.

The Diamond is considered the master crystal and I agree.  The beautiful 7 color ray diamonds will not only help to reflect our truest self back to us but seem to speed up the time it takes to move through experiences.  The diamonds and therapeutic quality gemstones are truly gifts from the mineral kingdom and help us in so many ways on our journey in this life.

My passion is to share the beautiful gemstones and diamonds with as many people as I can.