Offering One

Creating a silence in which the whisper of the heart can be heard. This 2.5 hour workshop is designed to share a rare opportunity to experience healing gemstone necklaces. Surrounded by a view of the mountains, the tranquil sound of the waterfall, and a sacred labyrinth, we find the space to work on our Self-Healing and Personal Transformation. These powerful Energy Medicine tools truly enhance our search for deeper joys and deeper longings.

This Workshop begins choosing gemstone necklaces you would like to work with. We will spend some time clearing ourselves and the space around us with Divine Gemstone sprays. Using our intuition we will tune into what we are noticing about the different gemstone energies and how this energy feels in our body. Bringing in beautiful Color Ray Energy with Color Ray gemstones and sprays, we will continue to expand our journey, clearing and restoring balance to our Body, Mind, and Spirit. There will then be an option to walk the Labyrinth to experience in nature the gemstones and how clear we feel.  I can’t wait to share the gemstone experience.

Offering Two

To be able to give without sacrificing ourselves. This 6 hour workshop includes Gemstones as well as 7 Color Ray Therapy Diamonds. We allow ourselves to be like the facets of the diamond, mirroring back to us those parts of ourselves that reveal the truth of who we really are. Once we have learned to truly listen to our own inner voice, God, our feelings, our body, we develop our own inner strength and become secure within our own self.

This Workshop begins with choosing from a selection of beautiful gemstone necklaces. Some we will wear, others to put around us, and even more to radiate from a large quartz cluster in the center of the room.  After several exercises working with our energy field, we will bring in the energetic nourishment of the color ray gemstones and sprays. All seven colors sustain and influence every aspect of our lives. We will walk the Labyrinth wearing the necklaces to give us an opportunity to self-reflect with the beautiful assistance of the gemstones. The next step is to introduce the 7 Color Ray Diamonds. This is truly a unique and magnificent experience. Of course we will honor each person’s sense of whether they are ready to bring in the energy of the diamond. If so, we will introduce the diamond into each person’s field and then to several specific points on the body. The combination of gemstones and diamonds is remarkable, bringing the power and clarity of the Diamond together with the gentle, nourishing energies of the gemstones.  This ultimately leads us to a deep sense of relaxation and a profound sense of centered-ness and renewed inner strength.

Offering Three

Allowing oneself to go beyond limitations, breaking through barriers, to reach the highest goal. This 2-hour personal gemstone and diamond therapy session allows a person to focus their energy. Focusing their attention allows them to ignite their passion, enjoy the moment, and accomplish their goals.

Private mentoring for owners of Seven Color Ray Diamonds.

How well do you know your diamond? My expertise is helping others to develop a relationship with their diamonds. Because these beautiful Cutting Edge therapy tools are so powerful we have to be very sure we understand and appreciate the parameters of our precious tools. I’m very proud to be the only associate Diamond Practitioner who has had personalized training with Linda Lile the World-Renowned Gemstone and Diamond Therapy Practitioner.  Not only have I worked with Linda Lile since the diamond was reintroduced several years ago in 2015. I have spent 3-years exclusively training with Linda, working side-by-side learning the many many intricacies of the Diamond. I also gave her over 50 sessions with the diamonds, which I believe is the very best way to really understand the qualities and capabilities of the beautiful 7 Color Ray Diamonds. Together with my training from Gemformulas I have been able to combine the knowledge I received from both Isabel Norton and Linda Lile to develop a rapport with the diamonds that is exceptional and invaluable. I would love to share my wisdom and expertise with other Diamond owners. You will not only feel more comfortable working with your amazing diamonds, but you will develop a relationship and respect for them as well. To have confidence with your diamond is, I believe, one of the most important gifts you can give both yourself and your Diamond. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss mentoring further.

Personal Formula Divine Gemstone Spray

I’m very excited to offer Personal formula Divine gemstone sprays. Every spray is special and unique according to the needs and desires of the individual. The Divine gemstone Sprays are a beautiful technique to use to experience the energies of diamond, gemstones, crystals, herbs, and oils.  The sprays are nourishing, vitalizing, and uplifting. It is amazing that our bodies and auras are able to receive, integrate, and process the effects of the diamonds and gemstones. There’s more information on my blog post about the sprays. Please feel free to email your request to me.

Remote Diamond and Gemstone Therapy Session

Diamond and gemstone therapy is a sophisticated form of energy medicine. As a certified practitioner, I’m able to offer sessions remotely as well as in person. I use all natural, therapeutic- quality gemstones and 7 color ray bearing diamonds, that work with the energies of your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Since we cannot always be physically available on location, the remote therapy is a brilliant alternative. Please feel free to email your request to me.