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Divine Gemstone sprays

These unique, personalized sprays are a fabulous way to deliver healing gemstone, crystal, herbs and essential oil energies to your body and aura.The sprays are particularly helpful for clearing, cleansing, energizing, protecting, and strengthening.  Spray a few times above the head and let the mist rain down upon you.  Also spray any other areas of concern, spraying both towards the body and away from the body.  It is very interesting to watch how the sprays seem to move towards the area they are needed the most.  This is an extraordinary way to experience the energies of the gemstones on the body and the aura surrounding the physical body.  I really appreciate the clear space around my body after I use the sprays, as if my own personal space has expanded around me.  I encourage people to order a personal spray and see for yourself the healing properties at work.  Just think about what you would want a spray to help you with and what colors come to mind and send an email with your intention for the spray.

I would love to create a personal spray that would work specifically with you!

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