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What is the difference between gemstones and crystals?

What is the difference between gemstones and crystals and why sphere-shaped?

Healing gemstone spheres are the true essence of the crystal.  When a crystal is cut into a sphere the purest form of that crystal is isolated.  The energy from a crystal is directed in one direction.  The sphere with a drill whole in the center allows the gem’s energy to radiate in all directions.  The clasp on the necklaces allows for the release of the energy after the necklace has been worn.  Then the necklace can be arranged in a spiral so that the gems can regenerate themselves.  The gemstones love to be set on the ground outside to release unwanted energies they have collected. Quartz crystal clusters with gemstones on them broadcast the gem’s energies into the room they are in.  The gemstone necklace’s I use are comprised of the finest therapeutic-quality gemstones. They also have a symbiotic gemstone that serves to support, catalyze, or strengthen them.  Symbiotic necklaces work more effectively and efficiently that the single-gemstone necklaces.  Each necklace works on specific needs and it is so much fun to try the different necklaces to feel the differences.  For example, one necklace made with rhodochrosite, marble, and peach moonstone supports greater self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.  For me, when I wear this my self talk becomes softer and much more kind.  Or the lapis lazuli and pyrite necklace which synchronizes the heart, mind, and body, bringing harmony.  This necklace comes into a lot of sessions as individuals are becoming more aware of the guidance and intelligence of their own hearts and minds.  More than one necklace can be worn at a time and the benefits keep multiplying.

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